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Our lecture series covers a wide range of topics from introductions to software platforms to advanced statistical analyses. Check back for more topics as we are constantly updating our library!

An Introduction to Power: Using G*Power

Dr. Wickham walks through the directions for installing and using G*Power. He discusses effect size, sample size, and test type as they relate to power, and suggests a few papers to read for a more in-depth understanding.

R Crash Course

Dr. Wickham describes R programming language and how to install it as well as R Studio. He discusses some basic functionalities of R and runs through a regression analysis.

Intro to SAS: The Basics

Dr. Wickham introduces SAS statistical software and demonstrates data import, merge, and descriptives.

Intro to SAS: Part 2

Dr. Wickham continues the introduction to SAS data management, specifically merging hierarchical datasets together.

Intro to Growth Curves

Dr. Wickham explains the mixed effects equations for growth curves and runs through an example in SAS.

Intro to Growth Curve: Part 2

Dr. Wickham continues his description of growth curves and shows how to plot growth curve data in R Studio.

Monte Carlo Simulation in MPlus

Dr. Wickham describes the process of Monte Carlo simulations and runs through a simple example in MPlus.

Monte Carlo Simulation with Mediation

Dr. Wickham continues the conversation on Monte Carlo simulations by adding a mediation.

Mediated Moderation

Dr. Wickham describes mediated moderation and runs through an example using MPlus.